How do I set up mouse aim if my player character is bound to a side-scrolling spline path?

So I followed a couple of tutorials to get my character on a custom spline path bound to moving in the X direction.

I’ve found some mouse aim tutorials but I’m certainly no coder//blueprinting wizard and they seem to be geared more towards 1st/3d person games or top down games…

Either that or they seem to be geared more towards straight up 2D games which my set up doesn’t really operate comparatively to (it was made from the 3rd person template).

heres how things look so far (basically just a playground to test out certain things…)

Would really appreciate any help.

If what you want is to use your mouse to aim while moving with your keyboard ?
Do Show Mouse Cursor and then Get Hit Scan Under Cursor every tick to know what your cursor is aiming at