How do I set up Megascans Collisions to stop colliding with everything, unless it is my character


I have a landscape full of megascan cliffs assets, I need my pawn to be able to collide with it, so that he can walk on top of scans, but if I choose “Pawn” as the collision preset, then it collides with the character’s capsule, not it’s body/mesh.

And If I preset “BlockAll” then all the assets collide with each other, and thats not very performance friendly… Since I’m making a very realistic environment, I need to squish every bit of performance possible. And this is costing way too much performance sucking collisions.

I would like to preserve the surface collision of the scans as much as possible, so that the character can actually step in every bump that it puts its feet on. The realistic vibe get’s blown when the character floats through harsh terrain. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your attention!

Hey there @Du.Moura! So I think there might be a minor misunderstanding in how the standard character pawns work. Their collisions will always be based on the capsule unless you’re using physical animation. If you need your players foot placement to be accurate to the terrain I’ve got some resources for you there. So the collision presets are named after what they are generally used for. It also sets your object type. For completely static world objects I usually have a collision custom collision setup like this.

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A tutorial on getting IK foot placement working:

Hope this helps!


This worked perfectly! I was able to understand how to proceed and adapt my game to it!

Thank you for your attention!

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