How do I set up making a spawned static mesh(s) selectable

Figure A01 shows what I am referencing from, A02 shows what I am trying to do but I am having alot of difficulty setting up. I have already set up my Raytrace and that works correctly. The issue I am having is trying to selected spawned enemy that are not pre compiled.
I have no issue selecting trying to select static meshes that are in the game scene before the game starts.

See what I am trying to do is as the enemy spawns I would like to be able to right click on them and shoot a homing missile that follows them around. Can anyone please assist me ? AO1


As you can see, destructible meshes in AO1 setup have no issue at all as long as the static mesh is already in the game. As for AO2 I am trying to set up a spawned static mesh from a class and im not having any luck.