How do I set up a swinging ax properly?

I need a swinging ax, I’m sure you’ve seen this Idea in plenty of games…
I have the ax and the area created for it, (props etc)

But How exactly do I get that infinite swooping motion?? Would it be a timeline? If so How do you rotate an actor in a timeline anyway? Is there a specific way to set a pivot point on an actor so that this would be possible??

Maybe this is not the correct way …I guess move component To if it is was a class BP could be a more difficult way…

But anyways I’m not sure, any help would be great. It sounds simple but I’m lost…


Hey, AttemptD.

I think the best way to create a swinging ax is to use a Timeline (here is a tutorial for using Timelines: ). You have to get the pivot point right when you’re importing the model - there’s no way to change the pivot point permanently in the editor. For the timeline, you’ll want an output node that rotates the ax over time, and then reverses at a certain point. You can also smooth out the curve so the ax slows down as it nears the direction-reversal point.

If you don’t want to learn timelines, you can just use blueprints. For plain blueprints, you would want to call ‘Add Actor Local Rotation’ repeatedly, and then switch directions periodically.

Matinees are a third option, but I would recommend only using it if you have trouble with Timelines; Matinees are a little less convenient to use.

This tutorial might also have some useful information for Timelines, starting at step 2.6: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Good luck,


Oooohhh…that all looks good…I was actually planning on using the Ax in one of the unreal projects. The pivot point is set in the middle of the ax…could I export the ax and import in blender? Change the pivot point that way and plug it back in??

I haven’t used Blender myself, but that should be possible, yes.