How do I set UMG transparency by variable?

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So I put an image across my UIWidget and want to set its transparency based on a float in my Character blueprint.

I thought that would be an easy process like a set opacity node with an float/int input. But I cant find such a thing.

DO I have to provide something like a vector or such a thing? How would I go about that in blueprints?

Any advice would be helpfull. Thank You

Go to widget > select your image > bind ‘color and opacity’ to a function. Go to the function and follow my graph

I have created a float variable (transparency) inside my character BP and cast to it from widget function. Alpha value determines transparency (in fact it determines translucency).


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Thats exactly what I was looking for! How could I oversee it…
Thank you very much kind sir.

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Do you happen to know why I can’t connect ‘make linearcolor’ with the return node? I did everything as it was explained here

Check and make sure the “return” variable is of type “linear color”. There are multiple variable types that have the dark blue bean and you may not have the correct one. If you try and connect them and it won’t let you it usually tells you why.