How do I set 'soft constraint', or any advanced settings, for a Physics Constraint I spawned from a blueprint?

I am currently spawning a Physics Constraint and setting what it constrains inside of a blueprint, but when I try and set values for some of the settings in the Physics Constraint, such as “Soft Constraint”, which would be found under the advanced section of the Linear Limits, I cannot find any way to set or even reference it from within blueprints.

I cannot, in fact, find any way to set or reference the values from any of the advanced settings sections from within blueprints.

How do I fix this? What am I missing?

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bump, same probem here. trying to build a mass-spring system with several nodes from BP but this is missing, still in 4.27

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Set Angular Soft Swing Limit Params | Unreal Engine Documentation it took me 3 days to find this in their docs. It’s easier to read and understand the bible…