How do I set my main camera to originate from something other than where it is now?

Right now it is in one of my Characters (I know because I see her arm even when I move her) I want the camera to be somewhere else. I could implement a way to move the camera, but I don’t think I need a Character class for it because it doesn’t need a mesh.

Be more explicit. What do you mean with “somewhere else”? Not in the character but in the map?

Just for now I would just like to be able to get a good view of this character. Then later I can figure out where I will go from there.

What I could use is to build something to move the camera with. I know how to work with input, but right now input is something I wrote in another class.

Still not clear.

  1. You want to move the camera with your character like in a third person, or
  2. camera outside the character bp and follow a pre defined or a random path, or
  3. just watch your character in the map?
  4. ???

If (3), then drag a camera to the world and set the camera to be active:

If another, just say it.

I did not see this because I was in the world settings. I have a inputRec class of the type pawn to handle my input. Can I create a main camera within it? I also haven’t specified which class handles the input and because my HUD isn’t complete I haven’t been able to test it.

I would like to have a camera that moves independently.