How do I set my game resolution to 320x240 and fps cap at 30?

I am making a retro game and I want my game to run at 320x240 30fps.
How do I do this? I tried setting resolution via level blueprint: but it doesn’t work.
It continues to run at full resolution when I hit play

That’s the correct way to call that command - can you verify BeginPlay is being called? Slap a break point on there or put a print string between the nodes just to make sure the event is being fired at all.

I’ve also had better luck specifying a player controller with some commands, though this one in particular shouldn’t be an issue. You could try it nonetheless.

The command for fps capping is t.MaxFPS 30

The resolution command will work only if the game is running in windowed or fullscreen mode, it will not work on the editor viewport. Try launch it in standalone.

It works in standalone, any way to make it show up in preview viewport too?

Resize the preview port to the right size before starting (manually, using the mouse.) I don’t think there’s another way. Play in editor in a separate window should be a reasonable way to develop, though.