How do I set my characters "forward" direction to be based on the rotation of the camera?

The short version is I am trying to understand how cameras work in UE4 better. I decided to open a third person character project and delete the camera that is attached to the stock character. I then used a tutorial to set up a static camera, so far so good. But then I noticed something interesting, If I turn my static camera 90 degrees and play the game, the character controls did not also rotate. In other words the left and right keys became backwards and forwards. They are “sideways”. I then discovered that rotating the character 90 degrees does change the direction of the controls. So obviously the direction that my character is facing when I start the game is what is going to determine the direction that the character goes when I hit the up key regardless of my camera position. Is there a way to set the cameras “forward” direction as the forward direction of my character? I would also really like to understand what part of the blueprint is telling the controls to use the direction of the character as forward and how the stock setup with the mouse controlling the camera manages to change the direction of “forward” based on the camera. All the controls in my project are the stock third person example project except that I deleted the camera and boom arm from my character as mentioned before. The picture I included is of the static camera setup I used from a tutorial. Thanks in advance.