How do I set moments of inertia?

I found a post from 2014 asking about this, and the answer at the time was that it’s not possible.

I’m trying to use Unreal Engine for industrial simulations. I’m hoping something has changed, but I’m not getting any recent results when I search.

My issue is that I’ve gone out and done field work and have determined the moments of inertia experimentally. I also have bounding dimensions on the part and I know some key geometry features for the part, but I can’t get manufacturer’s drawings on these components. I can’t draw the part in enough detail to get the auto-generated inertias to be correct.

If I can’t set moments of inertia, then I probably won’t be able to use Unreal for development. We’ve done a ton of other supporting work for this already; I thought moments of inertia would be no problem.