How do I set mass and center of mass for an actor?

I dug through several threads regarding mass in UE4 but find it very confusing. I want to manually set the mass (and the center of mass) of an object because I want it to react correctly to forces applied to it. The object is not supposed to be scaled, so I do not want any scale factors to influence the user-defined mass. I want to set the mass in kg directly.

So far I created a simple USphereComponent as root for collision with a UStaticMeshComponent attached to it. The whole thing is supposed to be a rigid body.
Do I need to set the mass for the USphereComponent or for the UStaticMeshComponent? After I try to assign a new mass using SetMassOverrideInKg in BeginPlay, GetMass returns a different mass.
What would be the correct way to set the mass manually and also the center of mass?