How do I set footsteps sounds for first person walk and crouch

Hello I have set up my footstep sound for the first run animation using the “Single line trace” way and it works great. I then added a walking input in the "My character " blue print which is just an input that toggles between two max walk speed settings. I then added a crouch input in the same blueprint which toggles between crouch and crouch with an input after i enabled crouching the defaults section of the "My character " blue print. both of these work perfectly and my problems only come with the audio for these. When I either crouch or walk it plays the footsteps from the run animation speed and I am not sure how to set up separate footsteps for the crouch and walk speed.Any tips or points in the right direction would be appreciated as I can only find solutions for third person as I think it comes with a walk animation to begin with.