How do I set construction variables of a child actor component?

I have an actor blueprint that creates a set of windows on a plane given to it through a variable. I have a second blueprint that builds a box from a bunch of planes. In the construction script I call “Add ChildActorComponent” and set my Windows blueprint as the Actor class. This works fine, but to actually control how the windows are created (i.e. specify the plane) I need to control its variables before its construction script is ran.

How do I do that? There seems to be no documentation on “Add ChildActorComponent”. Is there another better way to make modular blueprints?

Hi tinco, Im looking to do something similar did you manage to work this out?

Not exactly, but there’s a thread here that goes deeper: Managing complexity in Blueprints - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums, I’ll submit it as an answer, you’re not supposed to ask questions in answers :slight_smile:

There is a thread here with more information and discussion about modularity in blueprints located here:

If anyone is looking for an answer to this, at least for 4.13 there isn’t any. It’s just not supported (no official info on this though). Here’s the best answer I found.

Just tested 4.14 and it does not work either