How do I set construction variables of a child actor component?

I have an actor blueprint that creates a set of windows on a plane given to it through a variable. I have a second blueprint that builds a box from a bunch of planes. In the construction script I call “Add ChildActorComponent” and set my Windows blueprint as the Actor class. This works fine, but to actually control how the windows are created (i.e. specify the plane) I need to control its variables before its construction script is ran.

How do I do that? There seems to be no documentation on “Add ChildActorComponent”. Is there another better way to make modular blueprints?

Hi , Im looking to do something similar did you manage to work this out?

Not exactly, but there’s a thread here that goes deeper: Managing complexity in Blueprints - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums, I’ll submit it as an answer, you’re not supposed to ask questions in answers :slight_smile:

There is a thread here with more information and discussion about modularity in blueprints located here:

If anyone is looking for an answer to this, at least for 4.13 there isn’t any. It’s just not supported (no official info on this though). Here’s the best answer I found.

Just tested 4.14 and it does not work either