How do i set collision "use complex as simple" on multiple SM at once?

I am trying to import a FBX from 3dsMax modelling of level architecture and i need all SM to be separated so i can put different materials easy.
To set the collision I must enter each SM separately and change collision to"use complex as simple"
Is there any way to set automatically collision the “use complex as simple”? Is there any other way to set collision?

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  • Select all your meshes at once in the Content Browser
  • Right-click any of them and select Property Matrix in the pop-up menu
  • Ctrl+A in the property editor to select all
  • Change Collision Complexity in the right-hand panel to the desired value
  • Ctrl+S to save changes to all the meshes

Worked like a charm ! :slight_smile:

This those not work anymore. Any suggestions ?

Please help us do it in the newer versions of UE. I have the same problem :frowning:

Actually. It works ! :slight_smile:


muchas gracias

life saver - thx!

So, I’m in UE5 and I’m in the bulk editor, but there is no “collision complexity option” and I don’t also see a “customize collision” check box. Definitely need to get all these meshes into complex as simple. I also tried setting it that way in the project settings, neither has appeared to work. Ideas/thoughts?


Solution for UE5 starts at 1:09


thanks a lot ,it work ,by the way ,Do you know how to modify the number of LOD?

thank you

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Asset Action Utility: Auto Convex Decomposition | Epic Developer Community (