How do I set camera on play?

I am trying to do the very most basic of things but I cannot for the life of me find any information on how to do this.

I created a new project. I ctrl+a del everything in the ‘World Outliner’. I placed a cube and resized it as a small ground plane. I placed a sphere on top of the ground plane in the middle. I placed a directional light to brighten up the scene. I placed a camera and piloted it to look down at the ground and sphere.

I want to: Get the view of the camera I placed when I launch the game, preferably without any at all player controls or other features.

Set the “Auto Activate for Player” parameter on the camera to “Player 0” to use that camera on play.

You’ll probably want to also eliminate the Default Pawn (the floating zoomy sphere). You can do that by setting the “Default Pawn Class” in your GameMode to “Pawn”.

This did work as I asked for, so thank you.

So, with how UE works I need a Pawn to show a camera is that correct?
And I can change camera with setViewTargetWithBlend()?

All players have a PlayerController, and Controllers should possess Pawns. You should if possible to use a Pawn possessed by the PlayerController as the main way for the player to control the game. I don’t think you actually need a Pawn object to use a camera, but you do need a PlayerController.

SetViewTargetWithBlend() and SetViewTarget() are correct ways of setting the camera.