How do I set actor to be in front of other objects?

I want to be able to have my actor overlap with other objects, but always be seen. How can I set the graphical priority of actors? So that it will always be rendered.

That isn’t exactly what I wanted. I forgot to mention my project is a paper 2D project. All I want is the actor to appear in the front even though he is on the exact same layer.

Oh. just change the Z depth offset for the sprite

Eg, if all sprites are at Z depth 0 and your player sprite is at Z depth 1 or 10 or 1million it will be in front of other sprites with a lower Z depth.

What exactly is that under? I can’t find how to do what you’re saying.

It’s the Z value of the object’s transform. For example, in my project I’m placing all floor sprites at -100, walls and other features at -50 and the character at 0. Like MrGrr said, you could use any values as long as the Z value for the background object is smaller than foreground object.

Would that be under the actor’s blueprint? Or the sprites themselves?

Just drag two of your sprites (or SpriteActors if you’ve created Blueprints for them) into your level. Set them both to the same x/y values. Then change their Z values and compare what happens.

May I know which parameter I should change if I want one actor always draw in front of others ? Thanks a lot…