How do I set a Mic input in Unreal Engine 4 BP (HELP)

Hey there, First, this is my first time using this Unreal Engine Support thing, so I honestly have no clue on what I am doing, but anyways, to the point!

I am currently working on a horror game, and there are going to be many parts where you hide or need to be quiet,
so I am making it you will have to be quiet in real life, or else if your mic gets a level of input, (lets say there are 3 inputs, green which is safe, yellow where mic is getting input but will not send a alert, and red where if the mic input is loud, it will send a input to set the jumpscare).
Lets say you get a red input, how do I make it so it will first, recognize that it is red and not yellow or green, and send a input so it will set off the jumpscare!

Here is a example of what I want it to be like which is done very well in Welcome to the game 2!

I use Blueprints, so anyhelp will be great since I can not find a way to do this, Thanks!!

pls excuse any spelling errors, in a rush!

Me clapping into microphone to change text color:


Hopefully this will get you started. there is a plugin that is usually by default enabled called Audio Capture. You can use it to add an audio capture component to your player, and then you will get access to the microphone.

For this example I have turned the activation to auto, and set it to only send the audio to the bus (otherwise I can hear myself through the computer speakers as well).

There is an event that the component gets called On Audio Envelope value that triggers any time the mic changes, note that my guess is this will have a similar overhead to using on tick, as it will most likely be constantly changing. I’ve attached an example gif of the shown print screen changing the red value of my print node.

Edit: You might consider digging through this other forum thread for potentially more information and insight: [How to use new Audio Capture Component (4.19) to drive game parameters? - Audio - Unreal Engine Forums][1]

Hey again, sorry was in the middle of moving and didn’t work on the mic part at the time, however, I just started today!
Anyway, I think I have an idea but need some help!!
How do you get it to affect the widget, do you put it in the widget class, because I did but it doesn’t seem to work (as it says it only has a value of 0).
I am trying to make the mic change colors, so let’s say I talk very loud, I want it to turn from white to red, etc.
I also made sure my mic was working, so that’s not the issue I think, but can you just show me how to make it change an object in a widget’s color, (for me it’s a mic logo)?

Best Regards!!

nvm, I was able to get it to work, Thanks a lot man!!
Ill credit you in my game!!

Hey Debbie! mind sharing how you got it to work? it would sure help

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Sorry, I am rarely on here, you still need help?

no problem! yeah that would be great!

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Alright so what are you looking for, I just followed his directions and it worked great!!
Are you trying to get the color-changing thing also to tell the level of the mic, etc?

doesnt work, on my mac.

hey how did you get the bar to move? I can’t find that bit out anywhere!