How do I set a master button style for buttons that will have different click events?

I’m trying to find out what is the best plan of action to go about this:

I have a unique style I would like to use for all of my buttons (hover fx, unhover fx, click fx, brush style, etc.)

However, not all my buttons are going to perform the same type of action when clicked. For example, I’d like one button type to transition between menus. I’d like another button type to sort in-game inventory. These obviously wouldn’t have the same click action but I’d like them to have the same style for everything else.

Usually I would just duplicate the button and have two or more different buttons all using the same style and different click events, however, my main menu consists of multiple buttons therefore I am using them as User Created widgets with their FX controlled through a Blueprint Function Library.

Am I overthinking this? Is there an easier way to ensure all buttons in your game look the same but do unique actions? Maybe I should dodge the bp function lib and just have the FX controlled within the button?