How do I set a FPS limit on a packaged game?

In the editor I’ve got the game capped to 30 FPS, I’ve got some stuff running off of physics and some stuff running off event ticks and everything is way to fast because my graphics card is running the game at 200FPS

How do I package the game with a predefined FPS limit?

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First result on google mate

That didn’t work…But thanks.

Do not use “Use Fixed Frame Rate” in the engine general settings as this will limit your frames but not limit your overall FPS (This will actually remove any limit you set in place)

On Event Begin play console command t.maxfps 30

Or in your Editors
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.9\Engine\Config\ConsoleVariables add


Worked for me.

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I cannot thank you enough. This has been an issue for me which I’ve been fighting for 3 years on my game. I’ve tried everything under the sun, but nothing consistently worked. Your solution fixed my problem across all computers I’ve tested it on. And you explained clearly the solution and the reason the other solutions don’t work. If any of you are making a physics-driven game, start here. I cannot recommend this solution enough. This belongs on the wiki. Thank you Danny Blank.

Does this actually work when you package the game with a shipping build? Right in the ConsoleVariables.ini, it says:

“We don’t load this file when compiling UE_BUILD_SHIPPING or UE_BUILD_TEST.”

I know I’m late to the party here. but I really wish I knew about this sooner. I’ve spent the last week trying to get my game to run above 62 fps. I’ve been optimizing my AI like hell for most of that time. All along I could have basically opened the console and typed Engine.MakeGameRunGood= True (t.maxfps 120) and it would have solved all of my performance issues. Amazing.

Is this still true for 4.25? Should I not use Smooth frame rate or Use Fixed Frame Rate?