How do i send the puzzle i made to my friend?(sharing)

Hello guys and girls.
Me and a friend of mine started making a puzzle game, third person (Something not to far from Portal 2)
Now here is our problem, we are making the game room by room. He made the starting area of the game while i started making some of the puzzles.

How do i send the room i just made to my friend. with all its stuff intact as they are? (elevators, lights + alot of other blueprints)

Please tell me there is a way to do this. if not, we dont know what we will do.

I am wondering about the same thing!!

Yeah, i’ve been searching for an answer for two days now.
Cant find anything on that specific kind of sharing : / hopefully we get an answer soon :slight_smile:

Bump Bump!

Guess we just have to wait until someone that knows somthing about it comes along :slight_smile:

Hi viggoviking and Xonit,

If you and a friend want to be able to work on the same level while in different locations I would suggest setting up some kind of Source Control. Perforce or Amazon Web Services are just a couple of options for that.

With that said, there is a couple of options that may be able to get you out of your current predicament.

  1. You can send the entire project by sending the project folder that contains the .uproject file and the additional folders (Config, Content, Saved, etc). Your friend can then copy any parts of the project (meshes, blueprints) he wants into the current master build he is using. Many of the blueprints will need to be repaired in order to work. This is a bit time consuming but its the safest.

  2. The other option is to send the project and then add your level as part of the Level Streaming process while being careful that your room isn’t overlapping with anything your friend has made in the master build. He could then merge the levels together and move your room wherever he likes. This will only work for the geometry, the blueprints will still need to be moved/recreated in the master build so your puzzles will work.

I hope this helps, TJ