How do i send an audio to his different channels

it’s kind of Where do i start question, since i haven’t found documented help.
I have a 7.1 surround audio file, and i want to be able to it and pass it through it different channels so i will be able to do something similar to a sound check,
to see that all the different speakers in 7.1 array works correctly.
just to be clear i need to hear how the recorded channel sounds in the designated speaker.

So, where do i start? :slight_smile:

Currently, multichannel file import works by splitting out into multiple mono files and utilizing a naming convention–this importer is quite old and we’re actively working on improving it, but until then, you can find documentation on the name scheme here:

Thank you. i’ve kind of hoped it been changed in the new audio engine, and i,somehow, missed it .
Sorry for the rudd question, but do you have any rough estimation when will it be released?
I’m freelancing for a startup who wants to integrate its SDK into UE4, and it’s a key component.

Multifile import is a key component of their SDK?

No. i need to be able to take a single 7.1 audio file and send the channel signal to its relevant speaker. and i need to control the separate channels (from the single audio). so i can send it when i want. and be able to choose the channel i want. in real time. That’s the key component :slight_smile:

So you can do this, but you’d need to write a Submix Effect that was basically like a channel matrix router.

Currently, a 7.1 Surround File plays an the appropriate speakers. You would need to write a Submix Effect that allows you to control which channel gets rerouted to which other channel. Otherwise it’ll just play on the standard output.

Thanx Dan.
Is there any documentation about how to approach for writing submix effects?
I’ve started digging about reroute matrixes, but i’m not sure what is the workflow to implement it into submix effect.

And thanx for your patient.

We will be releasing blog posts on this topic in the coming months, but in the meantime, you can try adding a New C++ Class based off of the Sound Submix for a basic implementation and you can take a look at the various other Submixes in the Engine for an idea on how one is written.

Thank you.
Iv’e done that, but it can solve my problem only locally. even if somehow ill branch the new submix into the engine itself, i cant make customers use my special edition of the engine.
and making it through plugin will make me distribute the plugin interface headers so people will be able to access it and code in it. And i don’t want to do that. and you guys discourage it.
Anyway right now the integration is on hold, and i moved on to the next project (playing with RHI stuff).

BTY, i saw the amount of work you tow did in the audio engine, and its very impressive. keep up the good work.