How do I select font and color options for a UMG widget's tool tip text?

In the Behavior tab of a UMG widget, there is a field to enter tool tip text. This text appears when I hover over the UMG object in game. However I can’t seem to find where in UE4 to specify the visual style (font, color) of the tool tip rendering. Is this editable in the editor?

I know this is late, but just in case you haven’t figured it out or someone else is looking for the solution…

Create a new Widget and name it whatever you like (in this case I created a tool tip for a spell icon/button). Open the widget and create the layout that you would like with all of the formatting that you desire.

Then in the Widget that you are attempting to display the tool tip on when you hover, make sure that the Panel you will be hovering on is a Variable;

The next step is to add the ‘On Mouse Enter’ event in the Graph tab. Create the tool tip widget, assign it any values it needs (the spell attributes for me), then call ‘Set Tool Tip’ with the Panel you set as a variable being the ‘Target’.
As Shown Here;

Hope this helps!


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