How do I save tuned gameplay data from the editor in a way that can be stored?

I am currently tuning a bunch of values for the gameplay ‘feel’ of the pawn in my game directly through the object details in the editor.
Is there a way to ‘get’ those values into a some kind of format that I can read from code? Or at least a text file/csv file?

And since I’m on the subject, is there documentation on using a csv file to load values into objects in the game at runtime?


Config variables should work for this situation.

You decorate your class and variables with the Config specifier and Unreal will load these values at construction time.
Please note that you need to call SaveConfig() on the class before these values are saved to the file (in order to load them at the next startup).

Also, if you want to go the text file route, you could always use Json - I’ve posted some details about that here.

Great! I’ll check that info out, thank you!