How do i save the Volume options to the next level of my game?

I’m new to Unreal and im trying to make a short game right now. I add things such as a Main Menu which leads to the next level alongside a Exit button to quit the game, but i also have an Option menu which allows the player to change the volume of the game.

I watched a Tutorial and got it working however, it only affects the volume of the main menu and doesnt carry on to the actual first level.
So say i put the volume all the way down, which works for the Music playing in the menu but once i press the Start button to go to the first level, the music and SFX starts to play as normal as if i didn’t lower the volume at all.
Is there any way to save the volume options to the next level?


It’s easiest if you play the music from the game instance. It’s a blueprint that’s always running in the background, even between levels:

If you want a more elaborate system, like the game remembers what setting you used last time you played, then you need to use a save game: