How do I save my work in progress? (Stupid question)

From time to time my quadro4000 2gb vram GPU will crash, I then lose my project build. I do not lose my assets. I hit “Save All” on the bar above sequencer and contents, but evidently that isn’t the right button. What is the right button?

I just built a really cool world and lost it all. I want to stop this from happening. Yes, I am brand new to UE4, I have watched the tutorials and that is where I learned to regularly hit “Save All”.

Your Help is GREATLY appreciated.


Save all should be the one.

control+shift+s is the shortcut key for save all aswell

Thanks Guys, I am hoping this update fixed the bug that is bugging me

One thing which has caught me out initially is that if you create a new level, it may not be set as the default level to show when you start the editor. So restarting the editor after a crash it just shows the default scene again.
So possibly your world is still there, you just need to find it in the content browser and open it. And check the Maps and Modes section in project properties to change the default loaded level.