How do I save my music scroller settings from a widget?

I am having an issue, I am using Ramas plugin, for the sound node. I have a Main menu widget with the settings nested in the same widget. I made a scroller to turn up/down the music, which works perfectly fine, problem is when I switch levels with “open level” the settings a reset, and are back do default settings. I made a sound class, and as well made a sub class for music, and then I made sure all the sounds are in the “music class”. How do I have it where what ever the player chooses the music level, it carries over to the next level?

this is what my set up for it looks like…


and I also have a function for getting the volume…


Again, it works and does change the volume, but resets when I open a new level, not sure if it needs to be noted, but I am not using persistent levels.

If I need to add anymore info, I would be more then happy to. Thank you in advance, this has been giving me a huge headache, and has taken up my entire day trying to figure this out.