How do I save a value to increase it each time with a key press?


It’s my first time blueprinting in Unreal Engine and I’m finding it difficult to wrap my head around what should be quite simple, I’d imagine.

Can anyone help me increase this Vector Z Value to increase by 30 each time the F key is pressed?

As you can see, when the F key is pressed, the Z Value increases by 30 from 100 to equal 130.

However, does anyone know how I can save that value so that when I press the F key again, the Z value should become 160, meaning a further increase of 30?

If anyone could help me with this it would be much appreciated!

this is an easy fix just get your variable and plug it into where you have the vector 0,0,100. then everytime your press f it will get the variable and increase it by 0,0,30. to get the variable just select in the panel on the left then drag it into the graph, it will then come up with a small menu where you need to select get.

Thanks a lot! Can’t believe that’s all I was missing, ha.

Thanks once again and appreciate you creating an example in blueprint as well!