How do I save a mod?

Bear with me, this is the first time I’ve used the dev kit. I made a mod that changes the AI of some dinos (makes them neutral instead of aggressive) and it works, but I don’t know how to save it so I can use it in the actual game. Do I just go into Steam Upload and press “Cook Mod Content”? I wasn’t sure since it had the “Maps” field above it and I’m forced to choose between “Dino Arena” and “Generic Mod”. Also, is the the Ark Dev Kit on Steam outdated or does it just not have the Mosasaur in it yet? I wanted to change the Mosasaur’s AI too. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

First, the steam DevKit has not been removed yet and we don’t know why, it stopped being updated as of 206. The DevKit is currently at 220.1 and is downloadable through the Epic Games Launcher. You will need to redownload it to get an up to date DevKit.

Second, mods should generally be contained in their own folder. Just create a new folder in the Mods folder in the DevKit and name it uniquely.

Third, the maps field in cook/upload is used to specify the “Level” file in your mod folder. This Level file is linked to the PrimalGameData file, which then is linked to everything your mod affects.


So I cooked and uploaded the mod as a private mod for myself on Steam, but when I tested the mod in-game, (it worked in the dev kit) the dinos I made neutral instead of aggressive still attack me. Why would it not work in game? I added the modified AI files to a new folder in Mods and it cooked with no errors.

Well, changing the AI of the CORE DINOS would require a total conversion. Otherwise - you’d have to attach that AI to a NEW dino you create, have that dino spawned in a spawn zone - huh, no matter how I think of this - it would require a total conversion.

You’d have to change the map to allow that dino - etc. etc.

No it doesn’t. There’s a mod that does this to the bugs and it’s not a total conversion.

To do it as a mod, you’d need to Remap those dinos with their counter parts in the PrimalGameData. If you did that correctly, it probably isn’t cooking right and thusly doing ‘nothing’ hence them still being violent towards you.

So, I made copies of the dinos with the modified AI blueprint (Called them MegalodonN, PlesiosaurN, etc.) and replaced the aggressive ones with the new neutral ones in the DinoSpawnEntries blueprints. Am I doing it right? What do I do next?