How do I save a Material of an actor at runtime & Load it

I can save a material at runtime but it doesn’t work when I load it… If you know, how to fix this issue please answer the question…

Also, its not because I forgot to call the function on begin play

Can you show your save and load code?

You can save asset path and material parameters (if You have a dynamic material instance). During loading You can load material by path and set it into a mesh

This screenshots might help you understand better:

Please look at the screenshot above!

So, I’m just noticing you’re not using the save game param?


and in the load, you’re not reading the save game. Is that happening somewhere else?

Those are both the same game references, and I tried it but it still not letting me loading the materials. I can save its location, rotation, and scale but saving materials doesn’t work!

Ah, you’re saving actor references, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t work.

You can give all the actors a tag or an ID and save that. When you reload, you then know which is which.