How do I run OVR_Lip sync plugin in a new project?

I have been trying off and on again to get this plugin to work in a new project with no luck. I first assumed I could copy the plugin into my default unreal engine plugin folder, that didn’t work. I copied the plugin folder into a new unreal project, with no luck there. So the only way I am able to get this plugin running is to open the OVR_Lipsync demo that includes the plugin, but I don’t want to rely on needing to start every project I want to use lip syncing, to have to use the demo file. I don’t know if there is some special way of installing plugins that I am just missing, but a year later i’m still trying to figure this out.

[Oculus Lipsync for Unreal Engine: Unreal | Oculus Developers](https://HERE is the OVR Lip sync plugin)