How do I run Fortnite on my actual graphic card?

I have a GeForce 940mx 2gb and I run the game at 40~50 fps on low settings, how is that even possible? I have a feeling im not running it on my graphics card

16gb memory
Intel i7-7500U
Nvidia GeForce 940MX 2GB

Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to be this bad?

there is no “running it on your graphics card”. You would not be able to run the game without one.

Your specs suggest that you’re using a notebook\laptop.

GeForce 940MX 2GB is a mobile graphics card. It’s much weaker compared to it’s matching desktop card, and 2GB of video ram is not so much nowadays.

There’s also Intel i7-7500U, and “U-Series” processors are weaker compared, again, to regular desktop CPUs.

Though 40-50fps does sounds a bit low for low specs still.

To make sure you’re only using your nVidia card, you can try disabling Intel HD card. To do this you need to go to Devices Manager (right click on Win icon or My Computer - Devices), and then find intel card there, right click - disable.

You can also try updating nVidia drivers. Mind that sometimes laptop manufacturers release their own drivers, if that’s the case then you should take a look at laptop’s manufacturer’s website for this. However I still prefer to use latest official nVidia drivers.

If these things don’t help, then it’s just your hardware.

Well, most CPUs have a built-in card nowadays, so you don’t need a discreet GPU to play games. In fact you can even play Crysis 3 on low-med settings quite comfortably on just any modern intel CPU with no additional GPU at all. Even my old Surface Pro 1 with i5 CPU and no additional GPU can do it.

However indeed it’s very unlikely that a game will run on CPU card in case there’s additional nVidia card present, I would still disable CPU card and update nVidia drivers to be sure.

Hey I did that, but my screen looks weird now, like its not 1080p anymore, is that normal?

and also yeah, I dont know much about computers and I thought that my graphics card was insane, but I guess its not, I just felt like having those specs and such low fps on low settings was strange

No, 940MX is not insane :slight_smile: MX is used for mobile versions, and they are all worse compared to desktop alternatives. But for a laptop it’s not so bad. However they also can’t overclock them much, as laptops are harder to cool down.

As for your screen problem, you can try checking screen resolution, maybe it was reset to some default value. Try setting it back to 1920\x1080 or whatever your screen resolution is.

Though, if your original resolution is not available in the list, it may also mean that no graphics card is used properly, likely due to faulty drivers or something. Try making a clean install of latest nVidia drivers. I think there’s a checkbox for that during installation.

My pc 2.60ghz
4gb ram
Core i5
Radeon hd 7600
But i have lag in the fortnite any help plz

My laptop
4gb ram
Core i5
Radeon hd 7600
But i have lag in fortnite any help plzzz

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