How do i run a blueprint when a specific Map is loaded?

I am doing a Main Menu map in which the player health and ammo bar are loading . How can i make them only load on a specific level / every level except the Main Menu. BTW i am a very new beginner please don’t point out if i am stupid :frowning:
All the blueprint were made with youtube videos . I really want to know if there is something like an event begin play but just for one specific level =]

I assume you you use some game mode class?

In world settings (Settings->World Settings) you can set gamemode for that specific level. For main menu level set it to “GameMode” which default one, this will disable you game mode just for that level.

Now every level has blueprint embedded to it for level scriptinmg, called level blueprint:

In Main Menu level open level blueprint and initiate menu in it, and this will only run on that level. You don’t need to make separate game mode for menu this way, just for that one single level.

You can do this for any unique special levels not only menus. If you have specific type of level, then you should consider putting code in to separate game mode for them and set that game mode in world settings of those levels. If you have code that should only run on that level, you put it in to level blueprint, and set game mode ot default “GameMode” if you don’t need your game play code in it.

Thanks for the help ! Gamedev isn’t all that hard to get into when you have such amazing community.

Another way: Current Level node returns a string. You can do a == node after that and a branch to decide between one thing and another based on the level name. This works well when you only have one or two levels to exclude from the behavior. Doesn’t scale so well when you dont know how many or what they will be named.