How do i rotate root joint for proper animation blending in Maya?

So, i’ve searched a lot of places for a workflow description on how to solve this kinda trivial problem with animations where the root bone/joint is rotated differently.

It causes transitions between two animation sequences to make a dip below ground. As described in these other posts:

And probably other places too…

Anyway, the closest i’ve gotten to a solution for this, was iamjohngalt75 who posted some fixed files, but not the explanation on how to fix it actually. Since this is a problem i bet we’ll see other places too, im curious of how to actually fix this.

So far i’ve tried the following workflow without much luck:

  1. export ie. ThirdPerson_Walk animation to FBX.
  2. import into Maya
  3. pick pelvis bone, unparent
  4. rotate root bone (set x rotation from 90 to 0)
  5. parent pelvis bone and root bone again
  6. fail (as soon as i touch the animation slider, the skeleton pops back

other try was to:

  1. and 2) export and import as above
  2. select root (all)
  3. mark all translations and “break connections”
  4. freeze transformations
  5. unparent, rotate and parent again
  6. fail (now the animations are gone, but pose and root is in right orientation)

another try was to:

  1. and 2) export and import as above
  2. select root bone, and adjust Pivot rotation (does not affect rest of child bones), since i the IK bones don’t seem to matter it’s ok… i think)
  3. export to FBX
  4. import in UE4 and select my old skeleton
  5. fail (zoom in on the root bone and the orientation is not affected by the Pivot rotation)

Im officially out of ideas… how do i fix this in Maya?

Please vote this up, to attract attention to this issue…

If i get the time, i’ll post a video showing the different approaches i’ve tried to make it more clear if i make a mistake, but right now im at work.

I actually found one solution to the problem which i demonstrate in this video.

I really hope someone can ellaborate on this issue and tell how to really fix it.

I’ve also tried to retarget that ThirdPersonIdle animation back to the SK_Mannequin skeleton, but then the shoulders are out of place, even with correct settings (Recursive set Skeleton + Animation for root and hips)