How do I rotate my FPS character?


I’m trying to have player rotate during an event. I had no trouble at all to move player around, but I can’t seems to rotate him at all. I tried different ways to do it, here is my latest attempt. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much

Hey Mikhael,

Is your character’s camera attached to a Spring Arm component? If so, you’ll want to use that instead of First Person Camera for initial rotation and Set Relative Rotation target.

No it isn’t as far as I can see. I’m using First Person Player character that comes with unreal (blueprint version).

Thank you very much, I’l try that as soon as possible !

Hey Mikhael,

If you’re using FPS template, camera is set to Use Controller View Rotation by default. You can do one of two things to make your Blueprint work:

  1. Disable Use Controller View Rotation in your character’s Camera component.
  2. Use Set Control Rotation node instead of Set Relative Rotation node.

Note that in either case, you may not see much of a difference with value you are currently passing into Target rotation for RInterp To node. Just to test that it’s working way you intend, try passing it a simple Rotation; Get Actor Rotation > Break Rot > Yaw +90 > Make Rot, and pass that into RInterp To node.

Hope that helps!

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Was having same issue, great solution!