How do I rotate character and camera while keeping the offset

I am creating a third-person game and I would like to know how I can rotate the character when the camera gets to the side of it, like in games like Fortnite or World of Warcraft when the camera gets to the side of the character, the character will rotate with the camera.

Would you happen to have a sample video of what you mean?

Example - YouTube

This is from World of Warcraft, I don’t need to know how to set up animations I just need to know how to rotate the player in a similar way.

Ah you mean rotate in place? You would use the Add Rotation node on key press, I believe. Let me know if that works for you.

I don’t quite understand how I would use that, can you give me an example?

Sorry for the delay, it’s not a habit to check the forums.

So on the turn rate, you can add a node called “Add Actor World Rotation” you can then use the input value of your axis to spin your character on camera movement. video

Hi man ,
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You can add a camera and a scene component to your character.
You should have the Character, alone,
Then the scenecomponent, whith the camera as child.
Place the camera at the distance and high you want , to see you char, beware to leave the scenecomponent in the center of the actor, like the char.

So that now, you can rotate the scenecomponent, and the camera will rotate around the char.

Now you want to rotate your camera and if it reach the “side” (a z rotation about -90 ? or +90 ?)
you want to rotate the whole actor.

So , in your event add a if, and check if the scenecomponent Z
is lower or greater than 90 Rotate the actor
if is not , rotate the scenecomponent