How do I rotate an object around the global x axis?

I’m having some trouble with the Set World Rotation function and, more in general, with the pitch/roll/yaw system.
I want to rotate an object (in blueprint) around the global x axis, like you would do in the viewport with the coordinate systems set to world.
The problem is that the roll value seems to rotate the object around its local x axis as opposed to the global one.
Anyone got any ideas how to do it?

There 2 ways i can think of to do this

1.Make ake some dummy root component (for example billboard component) thatr sit relativly at 0,0,0 and move mesh component and other components relativly you want from the center. this way the billboard component becomes the archor point in which other componets will rotate around it when you rotate whole actor

2.Calculate rotation, location of actor is vector which you can rotate (there function of that), location vector of actor is always from 0,0,0, so if you rotate vector it will move object around point 0,0,0, you also will need to rotate object same way as you do it. Use Tick event to change location of object per frame and make whole motion, but it’s not healthy thing to do in blueprint, do it in C++ if you can.

Sorry, but I don’t really get what you’re saying. Could you be a little clearer please? Thanks anyways :slight_smile:


Look into RotateVectorAroundAxis and let me know if this doesn’t help you.