How do I rotate an object along the world axis?

When I rotate the balloon along the green axis, it follows the correct angle. But if I rotate the balloon on the blue axis (So the white bar is pointing to the right), and then rotate alone the green axis, the balloon rotates along the red axis (towards the white bar). It is meant to always rotate towards the green axis.

How do I accommodate for this?

I am using this simple node.


Hey have you tried using RotatorFromAxisAndAngle?

The problem is that, once you’ve rotated the balloon in one axis, rotating in another will require updates to all 3.

What you can do is AddLocalRotation to the ballon. That will always work irrespective of the values of the other axis, until you get to -+180.

Ahh okay thanks, I will try that tomorrow. I assumed local rotation was for children so I never tried using it.

I shall try this tomorrow :slight_smile:

It gave the same result as the pics.

It gave the same result as the pics. Strange as the answer from Kuro also has the same result.