How do I rotate an actor to the correct angle?

I currently have a line trace, and when it hits a solid item, I an spawn an actor there.

Now I want to rotate it so it looks as if it was fired by the line trace. (Think arrow from a bow).

I’ve broken the hit result (for Blocking Hit and Location), and I’m hoping one of those will output what I need, but I have no idea what some of them mean.


Normalize(TraceStartLoc - TraceEndLoc) this will give you the direction normal (there are multiple ways to get that, this is just one way).

Then you can make the resulting vector into rotation by using the RotationFromXVector node.

Cheers! I’ll give that a try. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I had to Get Right vector for some reason, as everything was spawning at right angles (although that has been a problem all through this project :frowning: ), but that worked!