How do I rotate an actor periodically with exact degrees?

Many ways, Timelines give you plenty of control:

Image from Gyazo

I’d like to rotate an actor by exactly
90 degrees every x seconds.

Choosing the right method would depends on what’s the end goal, ofc. The above method is quite universal and seems to be in line with the intent.

I’d like to rotate an actor by exactly 90 degrees every x seconds. I’ve set up my first idea with a rotator and it works sort of okay, but its not accurate. As the rotator is set by adding a rotation value in time - which is relative i guess to event tick - it usually misses the 90 degree mark and rotates a few more degrees ( its probably around 1-2-3 degrees extra)
This adds up if the same process is repeated and by time the rotation is way off of the 90 degrees.

How should I set this up to always rotate exactly 90 degrees?

Here is my solution:

(the rotation is set to 90 on the X axis, thats not visible from the blueprint)

I’ve came up with something closer to what you set up, but it resets the rotation before each new 90 degrees, which is fine if its set up with a material that doesn’t have anything specific on its sides, but in my case its going to show:

if I see it correctly your solution adds 90 degrees to the previously set rotation, right?

(in the timeline its set to 0-90 for one of the axis)

thanks, it worked fine!