How do I rotate a BP towards the ThirdPerssonCharacter?

Use Find Look At Rotation node. Plug the location of your turret to Start and the location of player character to target. Then use that rotation to Set Relative Rotation of the turret with Event Tick or a Timer.

Sure. Get relative rotation of the turret > break struct. Right click on Lookat Rotation > Split Struct. Right click on set relative rotation > Split Struct. Connect X and Y of get relative rotation to set’s X and Y, then connect lookat rotation’s Z to set relative rotation’s Z.

So in working on a sentry gun BP and i want it to rotate towards the ThirdPersonCharacter.

How do i do this?

Thanks! Just did this, but is there a way to make it so that the turret only rotates on the Z axis?

Like this?

I can’t get it to work

Its working now! Thanks so much, I could not have figured it out without your help :slight_smile:

Like this: