How do I revert back to a previous engine version?

Ok really not happy here. I upgraded to 4.14 but have run into numerous glitches that made me want to revert back to 4.13 but now all of my assets that I changed in 4.14 are no longer compatible with 4.13. Static meshes, umap files, materials, anything I changed in 4.14 doesn’t show up in 4.13 even though I can see the files in the uproject folder.

Is there a way to revert a project back to a previous engine version?

Thanks Alltvin but It’s not a matter of getting the project to open in another engine version, that’s easier done by simply creating a clean project in the version you want and copying the content over manually. My issue is that the files that I’ve edited in UE4.14 will no longer read in 4.13. I’m wondering if there’s a way to get all of my files to open/work in 4.13. Otherwise I’m stuck waiting for Epic to sort out these glitches I’ve been experiencing.

If you right click on the .uproject file in the project folder and open in a text editor. Then you can change the Engine Association to your choice.

!!! I don’t know if it can harm the project though. It will open in the engine version you have stated but I recommend doing backups before or wait for some engine coder to answer if it’s possible.

Ah, I see!
Yeah I guess you have to wait for a more “engine code”-experienced person to answer.

Good luck tho :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is and easy way to roll the files back if copying them in to the old 4.13 content directory does not work. That’s why a copy of the project is created when you upgrade the project.

This might open up a whole can of worms but what issues are you having after the upgrade from 4.13 - 4.14?

Yeah I assumed not but thought I’d see just in case there was a way to strip out a header file in a text editor or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Play in Editor and Play Standalone are giving totally different results. Mostly audio issues where my audio cues simply don’t play in stand alone but they do in editor. Also some issues with the resolution of textures. I have a grass model where the blades are crisp and clean in editor but low res and blocky in standalone. I’m going to delete my saved and intermediate folders now and see if that fixes anything.