How do I return to animation blueprint after playing a montage?

HI I trying to play a montage on my character. This works okay however afterwards it just goes into Tpose and no longer plays any more animations. What am I doing wrong? This is the code:

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Don’t do this. Don’t mix plays. If you’re using an animation BP, then do it all in there.

But if you really want it, then you should set the animation mode back to the animation BP:

It doesn’t look like you are playing a montage it looks like you are just Playing an Animation. There is a difference which is with montage you can smoothly blend in and out from them.

I think you can work with animation BPs and Montages very well, i’ve done so several times before, for example in this Swing Mechanic i did:

Here is Epics own intro to montages, its quite old but its probably fine:

Aye, thank you very much. Appreciate it.