How do I retarget UE4's default character skeleton to my imported character?


I’m having issues exporting a character and then retarget Unreal4’s default character’s (HeroTPP) skeleton to it. Here’s a couple of pictures showing what it currently looks like.

Anyone able to shed some light on this?

Could it be that Unreal4’s blendweights override mine?

is your imported character’s skeleton based off the HeroTTP skeleton? (ie same joint rotation axis?)

Do you know which direction the joints should align? I’m going to try and use X as “forward” for the joints which seems to be the case in Unreal4’s skeleton.
Also, I worked off of an exported FBX from HeroTPP’s skeleton.

yes, you need to have the same joint axis. A good way to do this is export the HeroTTP skeletalMesh as an FBX and use that as your basis, or at the very least, use it for reference.

That’s what we’ve been trying to do, and unfortunately the result is as pictured above.

can you attach your export file and I can take a look?

We made it work! Basically, we used Idle as our reference pose - which apparently differs from the T-Pose (which I was unaware could be exported). We have no idea how it is different from what we did since our matrixes and joints seem to match up perfectly. Thank you though!

Here’s what we did to solve it:

Right click HeroTPP in Unreal4 content browser.

Click Export

Import into maya and move the joints to the right location

Export to Unreal4

Then follow the steps listed in Old Animation Retargeting in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation


Thank you HosFross.

Great news!!! Thanks for posting the details of how you fixed it :smiley:

I came across this thread and the answer got me sorted out, thanks! For others’ reference, the skeletons made in the Epic ART tool in maya come across just fine, just select the existing skelleton with the mocap data during import skelletalMesh, but update the referencePose.