How do I retarget to this skeleton?

I have a character that I’m currently having trouble retargeting unreal’s default third person template animations to. I’m not sure if this is due to the difference in the rig, model or both, but is there a way to retarget the animations in any way for this character? I’ve attached pictures of the character and it’s rig below as well as the result of trying to retarget an animation.

its a bit old, but a place to start with the basic principals…

Thanks for sending the video! I followed the video but the same results are returned. There’s a couple things to note, the first being that the model is a lot larger than the default mannequin and also some of the bones that the default mannequin has are not on my character’s rig, for example the pelvis/hip. Could either of those be the problem or is it something else?

For the animations to play correctly, it is expected to at least the target mesh to have the same bone hierarchy (how the bones are connected and must have the same set, not less). A target skeleton can have more bones thou (females with jiggling nipples is an example), so rule is: to play an animation from a skeleton in another skeleton requires the second one to have the same bone amount (hierarchy for correctness).

I was afraid this would be the problem. I’ll have to get my characters re-rigged and weighted to fit the mannequin’s skeleton. Thanks for the response!