How do I resolve the error: "Failed to generate code project files for..." with VisualStudio 2013 express?

I have Visual 2013 Express installed in my system…and no other Visual tools was ever installed in it. However when I try to create a new code project using Project Wizard, I get the error
Failed to generate code project files for…xxyyzz.ucproject.

I tried editing the VSAccessor.Build.cs file as some of the threads suggested. But it id not work for me. SO what do I do?

I installed UE4 first and Visual later

I heard few times that you need to install VS before UE, so UE can find VS on install time. So reinstall UE

hmmm… Ok I will try that later. Thanks for the reply

Hi everyone,

We haven’t heard anything in quite some time on this. I am marking’s answer as accepted for tracking purposes. If you are still having this problem, mindfane, please comment back in and let us know. Thank you and have a great day!

My broadband connection has download limit and unfortunately I am capped at the moment and will have to wait until next month to re-download the full engine. I will update this post then.

Ok, I have an update.

Re-installing UE4 did not solve the issue. So I went through the source code for unreal builder. I found that it gets the apth to Windows SDK using windows registry. Currently the code seems to look for a key named 81 under the registry (I dont quite remember the full registry path, but it was something like CurrentUser/Software/Wow…/Microsoft/Windows SDK…).

The problem was I did not have a key named 81, instead what I had was 7, 8 and 81A. That was the cause of the issue. So I made a duplicate key 81 and set the folder path. Now Unreal succesfully generates the project files. HOWEVER, it still cannot build the solution because it could not find rc.exe in the 81A SDK location (I checked the 81A sdk directories and I could not find it either).

So I think I need to install 8.1 SDK separately, which unfortunately is failing repeatedly (maybe because 81A is a later version?). Anyway that is not a question to be asked here, Just want to let you know what the issue was.