How do i reset level sequence after death

i want this to stop playing and play again when character overlap the collison box again

Hey @,

To reset a level sequence, you can use the “Set Playback Position” node to start it over to zero. To tweak the position you set it to, use a “Make Movie Scene Sequence Playback Params” node and choose the time you are looking for.

If you are looking for a way to implement this and make sure that the sequence can only be played once unless you reset it, try this out.

This is just a quick example; you may find that using interfaces or using the level blueprint suits your needs as well. In this example, you would need to use a “Clear Array” node in order to trigger this overlap event again; you could do that on death or any other event of your choosing.

If this is the only sequence you need to reset, a simple boolean check in place of the array check should suffice.

I hope this information helps, and good luck!

hey i didn’t understand your solution(am new to gamedev) but the "make movieSceneSequnceplaybackParams " really helped

if anyone wondering what did i do

actually this is way better