How do i replace the blue character from FPS templet with my own character and also weapon switching of newly added character

Hello I am trying all day long to solve this problem regarding replacing my blue character from FPS templet with my own dummy charcater. I have made all animations states required fro my dummy character and imported but failing in the process of replacing leading to crashing of Unreal whenever i make any changes in blueprint editor.

Also i would like to know how do i do weapon switching for my FPS character?

@anonymous_user_923c79df please guide me with process and provide us with solution.

Try to make another copy of the character, then work on it, if it doesn’t work: try to create one from 0 with the existing input variables from project settings, you can also try to copypaste the blueprint but after you add your mesh, and animation blueprint. Then in your project settings on gametype choose custom, and select on pawn your character bp.

Thank you fr your answer @Ion Cocarcea can you guide me with the weapon switching tutorial or how do i go about doing it? The link that you posted just describes how to add your character and not replace though i got the logic behind it but still figuring out how to do weapon switching. @fighter5347

I think yhis wil help you the most just follow the tutorial, and then you will figure out for yourself :), It si a full game from beginning to end. Shooter Game Tutorial: Content

WooW thats seems great. Thankyou very much for this valuable information. Will look into it :slight_smile: