How do I replace a Blueprint thumbnail?

How do I replace the thumbnail for a Blueprint? I know how to change the angle but not how to replace the whole image.

Rightclick on your blueprint > capture thumbnail.

Thank you! However, this option does not show up if the blueprint has a static mesh component as the root.

Hi omskillet,

When you pick the static mesh for the root component it should automatically update the thumbnail.

Let us know if this works, if it doesn’t we can keep troubleshooting.

Thanks, TJ

The problem is that if you use Blueprints as in Pickup/Coin example in the Blueprint_Advanced demolet then you cant have the thumbnail appear like the “Mesh to Use” only the default Static Mesh. If the system is truly made to be reusable it seems like I should be able to set the thumbnail to whatever mesh picture I want.

I can set the root mesh which is ‘ok’ but not super flexible, however I can’t seem to change the angle (like you can on a static mesh thumbnail) so my blueprint icons look really bad … please add this (or show me how!) thanks!! :slight_smile:

Hi Sharpfish,

In the Content Browser, click on the blueprint icon you want to edit.

In the bottom right, click on View Options > Thumbnail Edit Mode.

Then left-click drag in the icon to rotate and right-click drag to zoom.

When you are finished, click Done Editing.

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Thank you!! What a cool little option tucked away there. Works perfectly. Thanks for giving me the heads up, I thought I’d looked everywhere! :slight_smile:


Would you know how to achieve a similar result with billboard? I would like my blueprint to use the sprite set in a billboard component, but I failed to find a way to do this.

All of these methods only capture from the main viewport, not from the viewport of the BP. You have to place the BP in a scene to capture a thumbnail

So is there like a… shortcut for making these trillions of thumbnails?

It was updated, now you can capture by this way:
Rightclick on your blueprint → Asset Actions → Capture Thumbnail
CaptureThumbnail pic

OMG! Thank you so much for this!
To clarify for anyone else, Select the thumbnail you want to edit - in the bottom right corner of the Content Browser there’s a View Options button. Click it and in the drop-down list, choose Thumbnail Edit mode, then left-click and drag the thumbnail you want to change and it will rotate around the Z axis allowing you to make the mesh face the camera.

This is really ingenious. Wish I knew it earlier