How do I remove the new background and floor from the Material Editor preview in 4.18?


I’m talking about these things in 4.18:

It didn’t have them in 4.17 (and earlier) and they’re bothering me. With a white pattern I can’t even see the scrolling effect on the shield if I’m looking at it from the top (because of the white floor), and I always have to check it in the Blueprint sphere component that has the material applied to it (where the Viewport window doesn’t have these “enhancements”). It’s ridiculous. Then what’s the preview window good for?

Clicking the “Show” button (next to where it says “Lit”) and unchecking “Grid” and “Background” doesn’t do anything (well, “Grid” removes the grid, but I want that floor gone, too). I would like to only see the sphere, without fricken clouds and a floor. Is there a setting somewhere that will hide them? A .cfg file maybe? Thank you.

I’m having the same issue. Can’t disable the material editor viewport background (toggling Show->Background on or off does not do anything).


At the top left, open the “Window” list and click on “Preview Scene Settings”.

A new tab appears below the “Viewport” next to the “Details” tab. Then simply click on it and in its options disable “Show Environment” and “Show Floor”.


Thank you! But it looks like there’s a bug.

When I open “Preview Scene Settings” both the floor and the environment sphere disappear. They’re already unchecked, and the editor remembers them unchecked. It just forgets to see if they’re unchecked or not when opening any new material, and I have to manually open the “Preview Scene Settings” each time, for every material, and at every editor restart. Hotfix incoming?

Having a similar issue here - background is always on in material editor viewport. When I go to switch it off, it says it’s already off - hitting the toggle button does nothing.

Ditto, any help?