How do I remove sliding from my pawn's movement?

I have a 1D blendspace with idle/walk/run animations for my character I have these hooked up so that it is dependent on the pawn’s current velocity. This is fine but I am having a hard time tweeking the movement speed so that it properly matches up with the animation, (so that the character doesn’t ice skate to the destination or run in place).

The first problem with this is that I am determining the character’s speed based on the animation, which is the opposite of what I want to be doing.

The second issue is that tweaking the pawn’s max speed, changing the blend space’s max value, and then re-sampling is a long process just to see if I hit the sweet spot for natural walking.

Any advice on this issue?

I have found this quite helpful:

That link is not working anymore, any advice about this?